Network Management

The objective of network management is to ensure the high availability of expensive IT infrastructure hence promoting productivity. In contrast to framework systems, our tools target specific requirements of our customers. By implementing a series of tools, our customers are able to custom make their network management system. These tools are easy to install, require little administrative overheads, and therefore provide a rapid ROI, often in terms of days rather than years. There is no more concern that when your network management engineer leaves and therefore an expensive system is left unused. Administrators can be trained to manage these tools within days.
Cananex provides you the following solutions.

  • Network Management
  • Collaboration Management

Collaboration Solutions

The power of the internet is unlocked with the application of collaboration software. Information of all kinds can be shared by individuals who are geographically dispersed. This means expertise can be available for projects. However, collaborative tools of different kinds are best suited to delivering different information.

Email is the most popular of internet communications because of its convenience and accessibility. The use of email is limited by cost of email accounts especially for corporate users. Security and Spam are issues which must also be addressed besides just the cost.

However, there are times when you need to communicate with another party on a real-time basis, as when a telephone operator or help desk personnel has to contact another party for information to answer a query. Such a real-time communication is provided by Enterprise Instant Messaging. In addition, meetings, conferences, sales presentations, interviews, can be conducted via web conferencing.

There are times when the transfer of large files will clog up the mail system if sent via the email system. There is no real time constraint. In such cases, the task is best accomplished via a FTP software.

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