AKCP at a Glance
AKCP is the oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP-based environmental and security monitoring solutions. AKCP serves the Telecommunications, Power, and Consumer Industries, Corporate Data Centers, Wiring Closets, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Defense and Aerospace, and many more industries requiring the ultimate in natural and man made disaster prevention.


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Our basic unit is the sensorProbe2 , is equipped with 2 intelligent autosense ports, which can support any two AKCP sensors . The sensorProbe2 is specifically designed to monitor remote locations, such as wiring closets.  This system is equipped with the same Ethernet, web interface, SNMP support, and email features as its bigger brothers.

For more comprehensive coverage of larger areas, we recommend the sensorProbe8 , sensorProbe8-X20 , and sensorProbe8-X60 series. All  have 8 intelligent, autosense sensor ports.  Additionally you may choose either none, 20, or 60, two wire, opt isolated dry contact inputs.

securityProbe-X20 & securityProbe-X60
The securityProbe , securityProbe-X20 , and securityProbe-X60 are based on a Linux Operating System. They All have 8 intelligent, autosense ports. Additionally you may choose either, none, 20, or 60, two wire, opt isolated dry contact inputs. Our Linux based systemsinclude many advanced features; operating a lighttpd web server, supporting encrypted https, a customizable web interface and a professional graphing package with a large logging database. The popular network management program Nagios is also included which facilitates the collection of network management data from multiple sensorProbe units, or any other host or application. The Linux units support a host of notification methods. As well as the standard SNMP and e-mail methods SMS MMS and voice call notifications are available. These additional features require a GSM enabled mobile phone for SMS and MMS or a serial voice modem to receive phone call notification using the inbuilt text2speech module.

securityProbe+PTDC Bundle(SC1)
The securityProbe+PTDC Bundle(SC1) is an ideal IP based security monitoring solution. The package comes complete with an AKCP Pan Tilt Dome Camera (PTDC). The securityProbe is capable of handling up to 4 cameras, which may be viewed simultaneously through the web based interface. Pictures are available in a choice of 2 sizes; 320x240 or 640x480. The jpg image is stored locally on the securityProbe using its internal flash memory,or sent to a host using FTP. Thus no additional hosts are needed to store pictures. The securityProbes internal PTZ controller allows the user to remotely control the pan and tilt of the camera. The PTDC is equipped with a Sony Professional CCD that has outstanding low light performance.

All AKCP systems are accessible via their web interface, have sensor data logs, and comply with industry standard remote system logging specifications allowing integration with third party system log analyzers.

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